Electronic Cigarette Battery Charger – Portable Device

Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.  That being said, technology hasn’t always been kind to the electronic cigarette world.  Electronic cigarette batteries have always been an issue in that they never keep there charge long enough to get through an entire day.

E cigarette technology has finally caught up with the evolving world of the ecigarette.  Now, charging your ecig has never been easier.  E-cigarette companies are now releasing a case that is also a portable charger.  But this portable e-cigarette charger is special.  No chords, no need for an outlet.  You charge the case at home and carry your electronic cig device in the case.  When you are not using your e-cig, the case charges your battery.

It’s a great advancement for electronic cigarettes.  No more worrying about losing power to your ecig on long days away from the house or office.  True freedom gained from using e cigarettes!

Quit Smoking with an Electronic Cigarette

If you are are smoker and have ever tried to quit you know it is not the easiest thing to do in the world. However electronic cigarettes have provided people with a new way to quit smoking other than cutting back or cold turkey. Electronic Cigarettes or ecigs deliver nicotine and a simulated smoking experience which is helping more people quit and sticking with it.

The key is the simulated smoking experience you get from electronic cigarettes, most are even designed to look like a real cigarette. Most smokers are addicted to the nicotine but that is not all the habit of smoking is also highly addictive. The routine, oral fixation and social aspect are all part of smoking as well. So alternative products such as chewing tobaccos and nicotine products are not always effective since they are only helping with part of the addiction.

E-Cigarettes allow you to supplement your smoking and slowly cut back. For example people that smoke inside have had success by smoking only outside and using the e-cig inside. They also allow you to control the amount of nicotine you taking in. So like the patch or nicotine gum e-cigarettes give you the best of both worlds and the best chance to quit smoking.

Electronic Cigarette Battery: How to get a longer charge

Read our tips on how to get a longer battery life with your Electronic Cigarette:

Generally lithium-ion batteries can be recharged with the battery charger at least 200-250 times before they need to be replaced. But we have heard of some users recharging their batteries far more times than that and even nearing the 400 recharge range

We have some tips that may help you extend the life of your e cig battery and increasing the number of times you can recharge the dead batteries with your charger.

Keep your battery in a safe place. Leaving your electronic cigarette battery in the sun and heat can decrease the life drastically.

Use the battery regularly. The e cig batteries are designed to be used on a regular basis and benefit greatly from the use.

Don’t let the battery drain fully. You will get an extended life from your e cig battery if you recharge it before it is fully dead.

Store your batteries with a full charge or with more than a 50% charge.

Remove the cartomizer from the battery when you are storing it.

Don’t overcharge the battery. Remove the battery from the battery charger once it has reached a 100% charge.

Kepp the battery and the battery contact points clean. This will let the charge flow more efficiently.